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Project Introduction

Video Blog, VB for short, was established by a foundation established in Singapore. Video Blog extends the advantages of video blog short video, and based on blockchain technology, integrates the resources of the global short video industry, and focuses on solving the pain problems faced by short video at present. It builds a richer, safer and healthier short video entertainment environment for people, helps to make vlog short video become the next gateway, and thus promotes the short video industry to develop towards a healthier future.

Since its inception, Video Blog has undertaken the mission of establishing a secure and private short video system, and to let all rules be truly and justly implemented. All the digital assets of Video Blog are based on blockchain technology, with the characteristics of decentralisation, fairness, openness, transparency and so on, ensuring the vital interests of all creators, video audiences and other platform participants.

Application Scenarios


Net Celebrity Economy

The field of short video has become a net celebrity manufacturing machine. More and more net celebrities are well known by the public through the release of creative, characteristic and entertaining short videos. With the increase of the number of net celebrities, the field of net celebrity production content is also expanding. From entertainment content to beauty and food, to knowledge popularisation, information sharing and financial fields, the online Net celebrity economy has involved more and more fields.


Live Broadcasts

Video has become the mainstream method of expression on the Internet because of its combination of image, text, sound and other rich elements. Its sound and shape create a strong sense of the scene, so as to attract the attention, and achieve an impressive and lasting memory communication effect. The live network platform meets the demand of people's desire to become famous. In the network era, many Internet celebrities have been created. These have created large numbers of loyal fans using various topics and speculation.



Video Blog's economic model and the e-commerce industry are very complementary. On the one hand, Video Blog uses short video and the live fission network to guide an e-commerce platform. In addition, special advertising channels of streaming media have become the traffic channels of the platform. The advantage of Video Blog versus traditional social e-commerce lies in its token economy model, which ensures users can get higher benefits and is deeply bound to the platform. At the cross-border e-commerce level, Video Blog can provide more efficient payment solutions and intelligent supply chain management for e-commerce platforms.


Micro Film

Micro films, as in micro movies, refer to films that can be spread through the Internet new media platform within 15 to 60 minutes. They are suitable for watching in the mobile state and short-term leisure state. Micro films and movies have the characteristics of a short time length, take up a small space, mobile dissemination, fragmented viewing and so on. This is in line with the characteristics of the Video Blog short video platform. It satisfies the public's diverse consumption needs for audio-visual content, and also makes up for the problems of simple repetition of short video content and incomplete stories, making short video content more diverse.


Star Talent

The Video Blog short video platform will guide more star artists to come aboard and bring in a large amount of traffic with the help of entertainment stars, as well as high-quality content. On the one hand, it will attract a large number of new fans for star artists on the basis of the original fans' stickiness, so as to improve the personal value and commercial value of the artists. On the other hand, it is also what makes the Video Blog platform rise in the market and finally it explores a sustainable cooperation mode. I believe that the commercial spark will inject new energy into short video.

Token Issuance Plan


Platform Development Plan

随着区块链和智能合同的成熟和普及,Video Blog 平台的总体开发过程将是短期建设与长 期开发相结合的过程。我们将逐步完善以下战略步骤。

Technology Architecture

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